Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Doctor's Prescription For a Balanced Life

When work takes over our lives, achieving balance becomes difficult. We can no longer focus on the things that bring us joy, peace and a sense of purpose. If we are constantly playing the same song in our heads about how work is so consuming and how we don't have time to enjoy the things we love to do, then we remain stuck. When we remain stuck, we miss the opportunity to display our talents in other areas for the good of mankind and for our own sense of fulfillment. We need to change the story and begin to find ways to create balance. One way is to find an interest outside of your career. This requires taking the time to reflect on what brings you happiness. Since our careers may not give us the joy, sense of purpose and happiness we're looking for, we may need to find outside interests that fill those needs.

Childhood Memories

Think back to your childhood and try to recall what made you happy. Think about how you felt back then and allow those feelings to resurface. Maybe you get a warm, funny feeling inside. You may feel a new surge of energy. See where this takes you on your journey to explore new things. If that same energy and feeling remains after exploring your new interest, then you probably found your answer.

Adult Interests

Maybe something sparked your interest later on in your adult life that you wish you could continue to pursue. The good news is that it doesn't have to turn into a full time job. It could be a hobby, a volunteer opportunity, or a side business. Find ways to incorporate what you love into your schedule.

Try Something New

Try something you've never done before. I remember spending time with my daughter at a painting event. I don't consider myself to be artistic, nor have I ever taken a painting class. I was willing to give something new a try. We attended an event at Pinot's Palette and was pleasantly surprised. I immediately felt relaxed being in an environment with other novice painters. I had to learn to be patient as the guide gave us step by step directions for creating our art piece. I had to give up feeling in control and being a perfectionist. There was no prize and there were no paintings that looked alike. The best part about the event was spending time with my daughter and coming out of my comfort zone. That day I found my balance in a painting class.

Where will you find balance? What will you commit to try? Comment below.

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